Friend or Foe?

14 June

Hello anyone thats reading!

Yesterday me and my friend had a falling out.. He is not my friend anymore. I hope this doesn’t happen to you. It was hard on me but I know you will be supportive!! Thats all I really want right now bye!! What to do when you have just lost a friend:

1.Acknowledge the suckiness

2. But trust that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel

3. Resist the urge to fix the friendship right away

4. Clue in your mutual friends

5. But DON’T drag your mutual friends into the fight

6. Figure out a game plan

7. Do whatever you can to make your shared classes less awkward

8. Try hanging out with people from your shared friend group individually

9. Pay attention to your emotions

11. Expand your circle

12. Try something new

13. Lay low on social media

14. Consider whether your friendship is worth saving

15. Live your life

Online Person going back to reality xxx

One thought on “Friend or Foe?

  1. I actually just got out of the ‘loosing a friend’ phase….mine was more like loosing friendS, my advice: try and fix everything if it was a healthy friendship and if they add value to your life or not. Please try and fix it rather than forgetting about it.~I should be a life coach, huh? 😂😂😂 Good luck!

    ~Girl Online

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